One of our Course Leaders wrote the following to articulate how she has been impacted by her participation with The Education Network.

I have been, in every sense of the word, transformed by my association with The Education Network. For me, the training in which I have participated has been the ‘good news’ of education. In becoming a Course Leader, I have found my voice in the educational community. Now when I speak, I have something meaningful to say – something that makes an impact, something that makes a difference in the experience that children will remember as ‘school.’

I have a new relationship with whom I see as the ‘educational community.’ My vision was so limited before I became a course leader – limited to the walls and bricks and books of a given school, limited to being liked, limited to my current circumstances. I'm not sure that way of being could even be construed as visionary. But now I see the educational community as a great and growing force for good. I see it in everything that occurs, be that in a classroom or the nation. I see it in teachers and parents and students.

Only recently have I considered how many people beyond the physical structure of a school are standing for the possibility of education. My new-born vision is finding focus and stability in the quiet but potent force of people who support the work we as course leaders do in our individual communities. I’m becoming aware of the strength this work gains upon the trust evidenced by the generosity of our financial partners. My spirit swells with the magnificent possibilities that are open to children due to the growing circle of people who champion the cause of education through their vision and sacrifice. I am moved to action – ‘where much is given, much is expected.’

In the absence of The Education Network, I would likely be nothing more than the predictable, complaining, victimized excuse for a teacher that I was. I’m happy my students get to experience a teacher who can make real today the future I envision. I thrill at every opportunity to share the possibility of education – people are hungry for what's been missing. I love being with them when they discover that the only thing that has been missing is their own powerful, visionary, future-building self. Teaching is about BEING. Discovering – and rediscovering – that has been the key to my success and happiness as a person and as a teacher. It is simply satisfying to be about something good, to actually be making a difference in the world. I love it!