Custom Programs
The Education Network designs programs to meet specific needs of groups, committees and organizations within educational communities. We provide facilitation for institutions and collaborative efforts in strategic planning, as well as project formulation and implementation. In addition to being able to utilize conventional models, The Education Network facilitators provide training in new ways of thinking and planning which allow participants to access what was previously unthinkable. This brings a brilliance and vitality to the planning process, thereby energizing the participants for the sustained effort of implementation.


In 1998, The Education Network Executive Director conducted a series of sessions for the managers of five departments in the Allegheny Intermediate Unit, Pittsburgh, PA. In an organization where departments historically maintain boundaries and resist collaboration, the participants were able to create and sustain a foundation of partnership irrespective of diverse backgrounds and agendas. They established themselves as an integrated resource for more efficient and effective responses to customer requests. And they were able to contribute the new points of view, enthusiasm, and skills to other aspects of their accountabilities within the organization.